Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzer


Standard Schnauzer puppies are German dogs and are the oldest Schnauzer type dog still alive. They are a little harder to come by these days, but they are often worth the search. They are dogs fit for protecting, whether it is livestock or their family. They are good watchdogs and are very protective by nature.


Be sure to provide plenty of daily exercise for Standard Schnauzers. They are full of energy and will want to expend it often. It would be wise to give them a chore of some kind, because if they could focus on herding, that will burn off plenty of energy. Otherwise, walking and playing are good exercises.


The Standard Schnauzer breed is healthy, but may have some trouble with their eye sight however, these problems are commonly minor ones. To help prevent small eye problems, one precaution you will want to take would be to trim the hair around their eyes, as it tends to grow long and may introduce bacteria into the eyes.


Standard Schnauzers somewhat tall with long legs in proportion to their bodies. Their coat and legs give them a very unique appearance. Their legs have fur that grows in more abundance than anywhere else on their bodies. They have a gentle way about them, but they are still skilled defenders.


Standard Schnauzers have a double coat that needs to be groomed with a brush that can get to the undercoat and remove the loose hairs from there. The coloring of this coat is either going to be completely black or speckled with white. Brushing isn't required frequently as this breed sheds very little.


The intelligence of Standard Schnauzers makes them perhaps one of the most intelligent breeds around today. When trained young, they will be obedient and dutiful. This breed will do everything to make sure that they don't let their masters down. They can be aggressive towards other dogs if not socialized early, but love human contact.


The minds of the Standard Schnauzers are very strong and they will grow willful with age, so if you want to train them, start them off as puppies. They will learn well from a trainer that is patient, that doesn't spoil, and one that commands respect. When trained, they will be wonderful watchdogs and herders.