Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel


Sussex Spaniels are used regularly as hunting dogs. These dogs are intelligent, calm, collected and very well suited to hunting and retrieving, although they're usually quite gentle and steady. These are very social dogs and are quite devoted to his master and his work.


Weight problems are common battles for the Sussex Spaniels so they must receive enough daily exercise. They greatly enjoy retrieving and swimming. These dogs are ok without having a yard, but they do love a brisk run.


Sussex Spaniels have medium long coats that need to be combed and brushed on a regular basis. They tend to get dirty ears and ear infections easily so it's very important to clean their ears regularly. Dead hair should be plucked but only by someone with experience.


Sussex Spaniels require proper socialization at an early age if they're going to get on well with other dogs. They make great companions and get along uncommonly well with cats and small pets. These dogs might get aggressive when strange dogs come around, but if they're introduced properly, they'll do fine.


The coat of a Sussex Spaniel is flat and typically dark in color. It is of medium length and should appear to be slightly wavy but never curly. The hair on their hindquarters is feathered and long.


Sussex Spaniel dogs can get on well with children as long as they're not overly annoyed. If children aren't well-behaved and don't treat the dog well, these dogs can easily snap. They're somewhat lazy and are very protective of their family and home. The appearance of strangers will entice them to bark. This is a breed that shouldn't be housed with unfamiliar small animals because of their strong instinct to hunt.


Sussex Spaniels are used for sporting purposes such as hunting, and they do quite well. Training must be conducted with consistency because they're rather uninterested and lazy dogs. These dogs are fast learners, independent and willful. That's why training with firmness is required.