Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier


Named in honor of Teddy Roosevelt, the noble and high energy Teddy Roosevelt Terriers are great watchdogs and, much like other terriers, are good at hunting small vermin and ridding people of rodent problems. They are agile and loyal, which can make them good family dogs if treated with respect and love.


Teddy Roosevelt Terrier dogs love to remain active. If they are kept indoors, be sure to play with them often and give them enough toys to entertain themselves while you’re away. Also take them out for walks. You will want to make sure they are secured on a leash so they don't wander off.


Teddy Roosevelt Terrier dogs may have a susceptibility to certain allergies, such as ones to fleas. You can help nurture these allergies by taking the necessary precautions to keep them away from allergens. Consult your vet if you think they may be allergic to something. If it is fleas, be sure to use anti-flea products.


The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier dogs are short, but are quite muscular. Their bodies are strong and somewhat square. They are somewhat similar to the Rat Terrier in their natural hunting abilities of vermin. Their powerful builds and their quick minds make them good watchdogs as well as hunters of various kinds of vermin.


The coats of the Teddy Roosevelt Terriers are short and their amount of shedding is very average, so grooming requirements are normal. Occasional brushing should suffice just fine. The color of their coats often varies between a mix and match of white, black, and brown colors. The dominant color of the coat is most often white.


Teddy Roosevelt Terriers are smart, and they have a good sense of loyalty to their family. They are active and have a natural instinct to protect. Though they are active by nature, however, they are still good at relaxing with their owner. Teddy Roosevelt Terriers enjoy the attention they get from being around them.


Teddy Roosevelt Terriers, or Teddies, are fairly easy to train. They have much adoration for their owners, and enjoy making them proud. It is still best to start them young. Just be sure that regardless of what age you train them, remain firm in their handling. Don't slack off or they will do the same.