Tosa-Ken dogs are large mastiffs that have been infamously used for dog fighting in most areas and have earned such a rough reputation for that, that it has been legally decreed dangerous and outlawed in certain areas in Europe. This Japanese breed may sound dangerous, but it all depends on how the puppies are raised.


The Tosa-Ken dog can make a decent house pet, but they would do much better out in a large fenced in yard. This dog likes to have a lot of space to run around and bounce in. It has a good level of energy and would enjoy a brisk walk every day, tightly leashed.


Bathing is not a big necessity for Tosa-Ken dogs, and they should really only be bathed when they get dirty or pick up a bad smell. The only other problem to really expect with these dogs is a problem with heavy salivating. The Tosa-Ken dog breed is known to drool excessively.


How the Tosa-Ken puppies turn out is based solely on the way they’re raised. These dogs can become very mean if you mistreat them. Take charge of them as puppies and treat them with respect and love. They can be quite gentle if they are handled properly and trained very early on in their life.


The coat of the Tosa-Ken, also known as the Tosa-Inu, is not exactly soft. Their coats are often coarse, but they are mostly low maintenance. It can almost be listed as one of the more weather resistant coats. They are usually red in color, but could also come in black or tan.


The Tosa-Ken dogs are territorial and sensitive. That means that they can get moody if other pets are kept with them. The Tosa-Ken enjoys having all of his owner's attention. To get along with other pets, they must be socialized when they are very young, but they will still do better as an only pet.


If taken as a puppy, the Tosa-Ken can be a diligent and eager learner. It requires a firm handler, someone who can handle the dog's massive size if it misbehaves. These dogs do not like overly dominant handlers, as they can be made to feel threatened and can act out if scared.