Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier


The Toy Fox Terrier was bred back in the 1930's to be used as a rat hunting dog and a circus performer. They are small, yet fierce dogs that is deeply devoted to their owner and highly territorial. They are energetic and small dogs that provide love and unconditional admiration.


Toy Fox Terriers like room to run and play, but since they are so small, it's pretty easy for them to find that kind of space in a home or apartment. They should not be left unattended for extended periods at the risk of becoming destructive. It is advised to walk them daily.


Be wary of the kind of food you pick out for your Toy Fox Terrier, as this breed of dog can be more prone to certain food allergies, more specifically those against wheat, corn, or even beets. Try to get them tested for allergies at a vet if you have any suspicions about it.


Beady eyed and very energetic dogs, the Toy Fox Terriers are quite petite in size. They are kind of made to look as an embodiment of their alert personalities. They have pointy ears and a tail that stands straight up when they feel excitable, which is pretty much all the time for this hyperactive breed.


The coat of the Toy Fox Terrier dog is rather smooth. The fur is a short length and rarely gets long. The colors of this coat will come in a mix of white, brown, and black colors. They are most often white and another color, but they can sometimes be brown and black. Their coat sheds very little.


Toy Fox Terriers do best indoors. If they are to be kept with children, be sure that the children have been taught to be respectful of the dog and handle him with care. They are usually not mean, but it is still a good idea to raise them from puppies to be well-mannered around guests.


The Toy Fox Terrier is a big fan of praise, so during training, be sure to let it know when it's done a good job. Just be sure that you don't praise them too heavily or for things that are not a part of training, as these dogs can become easily spoiled by the attention.