Valley Bulldog

Valley Bulldog

Valley Bulldog


The Valley Bulldog originated in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada during the 1950s. It's not known if these dogs were in the area any earlier than that. They were developed from the Boxer and the English Bulldog.


The Valley Bulldog must have exercise every day, which should include a long walk. These dogs are quite athletic due to the Boxer part of them. However, the English Bulldog can make them a little clumsy. They can actually run like deer but appear quite ungraceful when they slow down. Try to provide a safe fenced in yard for them to run and play.


The Valley Bulldog has a short coat that's easy to care for. These dogs need to be combed and brushed occasionally as well as wiped down using a damp cloth. They don't need to be bathed unless it completely necessary. Pay special attention to the folds of skin and clean and dry them thoroughly every day. Also, be sure that these areas are fully dried following a bath or walking in the rain as they can get infected.


Valley Bulldogs love being around people. They enjoy playing with both children as well as other dogs. They're playful along with being quite intelligent. Since they're so smart, they learn fast and perform tricks well. This high intelligence can also make them stubborn and independent. They're very protective of their family and will bark at strange noises, although they remain calm inside. They need an experienced owner due to their intense strength and sometimes disobedient nature.


The coat of the Valley Bulldog can be various brindles with white or without it, white, fawn, red or tan. Their coat should be smooth and short. These dogs are average shedders.


The temperament of a Valley Bulldog is excellent as long as they're properly socialized. They get on well with children as well as other dogs. These dogs have a very calm and gentle streak that can suddenly turn playful and silly. They love playing with their owners and are very intelligent. In addition, they love to go for car rides.


Training the Valley Bulldog is usually pretty easy. They're intelligent and responds to respectful and firm training methods. They need to have a dominant owner.