The Vizsla dog breed is considered a rare one. During the 2nd world war, the breed was almost made extinct. The only reason that these dogs are still around today was because of the Hungarian people who had to save them by smuggling them out of the country to continue breeding them.


Vizsla requires an amazingly high amount of activity. They will do best if put to a certain task, such as retrieving objects, or completing obedience challenges. They will enjoy large back yards and something that will often keep their minds working and occupied. They like having things to do, just like bored children.


It's a good idea to watch the temperature around the Vizsla. Their coats are not made well for colder climates, and they can become susceptible to colds. It would also be good to trim their nails regularly so they won't accidentally scratch people if they feel playful and jump on them.


Large and rare, the Vizsla dog of an always distinctly orange and kind of rust colored coat makes for an excellent retriever. They can be somewhat suspicious of people that they don't know, but towards those that they consider family, they make loving and greatly devoted pets. They will defend their families.


The coats of the Vizsla can either be very smooth or rather coarse, but either way, the fur that coats them will be fairly thick. They are always an orange kind of color, and they shed an average amount and can be kept well groomed with a regular wire brush. Their grooming requirements are otherwise minimal.


The Vizsla is of a loving disposition. They have a strong heart for those they recognizes as family. They are very watchful of others, however, and will be sure to let their family know when there is someone around that is not normally there. Because of that, they can make wonderful watch dogs.


To really get the best out of the Vizsla breed, they must be trained as puppies to be sociable towards other animals and people, and they must be trained early on to be obedient. If you are too harsh with your training methods, there is great potential it can make this dog a mean one.