Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano


The Volpino Italiano originated several centuries ago in Italy. They're descendants of an ancient European Spitz dogs. These dogs were loved by both royalty and commoners and were often put into service as watchdogs on Tuscan farms. The job of this dog was to alert larger dogs to the presence of wolves or poachers. It was believed that Michelangelo had a Volpino that kept him company as he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


Volpino Italiano dogs are agile and fast and they love being outdoors. They must have plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Provide daily walks for them as well as access to a safely fenced yard where they can run freely. They do well with apartment living as long as they get plenty of exercise.


The Volpino Italiano dogs need to be regularly brushed, at least once or twice weekly in order to decrease the amount of shedding as well as prevent tangling. They also need to be bathed, have their ears and eyes checked and cleaned frequently and have their nails trimmed.


Volpino Italianos are robust and lively dogs that are motivated by their curiosity. As these dogs are rather strong willed, they'll need to be properly trained and socialized from a very young age. This helps them to become great companions and lap dogs. They have a strong watch dog instinct that makes them very suspicious of strangers. They'll bark an alert when they're approached by a stranger.


Volpino Italiano dogs are easily recognized by their long and thick coat. It's straight and stiff with a harsh texture.


Volpino Italiano dogs are cheerful, playful and lively with a strong personality. They're affectionate and get along well with children. They're suspicious of strangers and will bark if they see or hear something they don't recognize. This is what makes them excellent guard dogs. They also become closely attached to their family.


The Volpino Italiano dogs are very intelligent and are easy to train as they're fast learners. Training should be conducted with consistency and firmness. Puppies must be properly socialized from the start.