The German dog breed of Weimaraner dogs is known to be made of great retrievers, and they are ones that can be used for more difficult dog duties, such as work with Search & Rescue and becoming police hounds. They exhibit a great understanding and intelligence, and they will learn quickly if tempered properly.


Weimaraners enjoy many kinds of activities. You can always take them for walks or have them accompany you on hikes. This dog breed can also be just as content to stay at home with you and play with their favorite toys. Gentle and loving, their activities are whatever yours are.


You will want to treat the Weimaraner breed of dog to two small meals every day. They can be prone to bloating, which is why they must only be fed in controlled amounts. They can also sometimes be prone to damage on their feet and in their mouths after extensive play times.


The Weimaraner dogs are somewhat like gentle giants. They aren't massively big, but they are still larger than most other dog breeds, and they have great big hearts to go along with them. They are loving and patient of people and can learn better than many other breeds. It's got a muscular build and is strong minded


Weimaraners are somewhat large hounds that always have silver or gray in the color of their coat. It's distinctly different color makes it unique among other dog breeds. Their coat is very short and easy to care for. They don't shed badly, and are easy to care for as far as grooming necessities go.


The Weimaraner dog breed is one of a truly unique mind. Their personality exhibits an almost human like quality, one with a very loving and even temperament. They prefer to be kept inside with a family and treated as more like a member of the family rather than their pet.


If you trust in Weimaraners and treat them with respect, they won't be hard to train. They will need to feel almost as an equal, and enjoy getting treats for correct actions. They are very disagreeable when they are treated as dogs, and they can become very stubborn and defiant.