Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier


The Welsh Terrier has a curly coat and is of a diminutive stature. It's not as energetic as a lot of terriers tend to be, but that may come as a relief to certain dog owners that are used to rowdier animals. They make for brave companions and love their owners.


As the Welsh Terrier is a terrier breed, they retain high levels of energy, but they do not have as much as other dog breeds do. They do well with a daily walk and play time a few times a day. They will do wonderfully well in a home environment.


The Welsh Terrier breed is not known to experience many health issues, and they are not any more likely to catch something than other dogs. The best thing you can do for this dog is to tend to its coat. You will specifically want to tend to the little beard like patch under their muzzles.


The Welsh Terrier is lively in its own way and can be described as having a somewhat silly demeanor. They like to kind of joke around. They like to jump and run and generally entertain. And when they try to entertain others, they always do it quite happily, and succeed at it.


The coat of the Welsh Terrier is short and curly looking. They often come in the colors of a deeper tan with black markings. The texture of the fur is often somewhat rough. They aren't bad about shedding, and can have their grooming needs handled easily with a brushing every once in a while.


To get the best attitude out of the Welsh Terrier dog breed, you'll want to take charge of their sometimes ill-tempered attitude towards other people at an early age and train them to be more sociable towards other people, as well as animals. Otherwise, they can be great entertainers and very charismatic.


Welsh Terriers need a good trainer. They need one that is firm, but not harsh. They learn their best from someone who is patient with training their easily distracted minds someone who can persist and keep them on track. They will need a lot of consistent training to really take in what they learn.