West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier


The West Highland White Terrier, otherwise known as the Westie, was a Scotland hound that was typically used as a rodent hunter. It would hunt things such as small vermin, foxes, and even otters, all of which were producing at a high rate. These days, this terrier pup is accepted as a common household companion.


West Highland White Terriers love to run around and play. As most terriers have high energy, this breed is no exception. They likes walks, or jogs. They like playing with their favorite toys, and they likes horseplay with their owner. They can also get a lot of enjoyment out of tracking small rodents.


The West Highland White Terrier may be somewhat prone to dry skin, so don't bathe them too often as it can help to dry them out. They can also be more prone to allergies, so watch their reactions to different foods and things to make sure you aren't trying to feed them something they're allergic to.


The Westies have a small but sturdy build. They have a distinctly shaggy white coat, and almost always have a pleasant manner towards humans. Their natural hunting instincts make it hard for them to get along with smaller animals, however, so they may be seen chasing small game at times.


West Highland White Terriers shed somewhat more than average, so it would be a good idea to tend to their beautifully white coats with a weekly brushing. They have a double coat with a wiry feeling upper coat and a soft undercoat. They need to have their coats tended to professionally two times a year.


Like all dogs of the terrier breed, the West Highland White Terrier has a good level of energy. They are happy and sociable on average, and will only act out if they are mistreated or agitated. When they are treated with love, they will be loving in return. Westies are good dogs for a good home.


West Highland White Terriers have a lot of love in their tiny bodies. They respond best to loving training methods. They will be stubborn against trainers that would try to be too firm or dominant with them. Introduce them to the training early, treat them with adoration, and they will learn well.