Whippet dogs have a great speed and stamina that you can almost hear in their name. They do well around other humans and dogs if they are socialized at an early age. If they are not, they may become shy around human strangers, and they may become territorial around unfamiliar dogs.


Whippets are small and active, so they enjoy having a small yard to pounce around, leap, and play. They have a tendency to run after small animals, so if you are going to walk them, it is wise to keep them leashed so they won't go chasing after other small dogs and cats.


Whippets are often very healthy dogs, but they can be somewhat more susceptible to chilling climates, and they can become cold easier than dogs with thicker and more weather resistant coats. Other than being sure to keep them warm, there are very few health concerns to worry about for these dogs.


Whippets can come in a number of different colors and color combinations. Their necks are long and they are shaped somewhat like greyhounds. They have big eyes and small floppy ears to accompany their small and somewhat slender faces. Their demeanor is one of gentleness and, at times, shyness.


The coat of the Whippet dog breed is very short. It's not very weather resistant, so they may need to be kept inside or in warm clothes during winter months. Sometimes, if their fur is maintained properly, it can become more resilient to colder weather. It is best maintained with occasional brushing.


As long as they do not feel intimidated, bullied, or scared, Whippets are as gentle as they can be. They are ever so sweet when they are shown affection and love. It may take them a bit of time to warm up to others that they aren't familiar with, but they are rarely mean.


Whippets may be a little difficult to train at an older age, as they are naturally intelligent. They have developed minds that make them a strong minded and independent companion. They will learn well if they are treated fairly during the training process. They will not learn well if they are being yelled at.