Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier


Wire Fox Terrier puppies were favored in old England as hunters of small vermin and foxes. They have also been used as successful watchdogs and alarm dogs. The Wire Fox Terrier is quite good at performing tricks during dog shows, and may be a favorite for just that for most dog owners.


The Wire Fox Terrier breed do like to run and play like any other terrier would. They do not require an outdoor environment, however, and can live comfortably indoors. However, it would be best if the home provided them with a little bit of running room. They don't need a big open space, but they do need room enough.


The best thing to do for Wire Fox Terriers is maintain their coat properly. This can be a high maintenance requirement if they are regular show dogs, but doesn't need to be as perfect if they are not entered into dog shows. They have no particular weaknesses to any known illness.


Wire Fox Terriers have a very unique look about it. Their coat is always predominately white, but they will have black or rust colored markings. They have a lively personality, and they always seem to want to move or jump around. They do well with most people, but should be supervised around small animals and children.


Wire Fox Terriers will need their coat to be professionally stripped a couple times a year. It can get unkempt and dirty if not groomed carefully. They will not require regular baths, but you will want to keep their coat in check, and they may need multiple pet salon visits a year.


Wire Fox Terriers are most often friendly towards other humans as long as they are not picked at or teased. They can be enticed to bite at times if they are irritated, so they should be watched around children that may mistreat them. They are also territorial and can become aggressive towards other animals.


Wire Fox Terriers must be trained at an early age to perform tricks and generally be more well-mannered. They are smart and can be defiant against most training methods that involve scolding or handling them firmly. If you can make training somewhat fun, the dog will grow to be more eager to learn.