Wolf Dog

Wolf Dog

Wolf Dog


The Wolf Dog hybrid is exactly what it sounds like. They were created by the breeding of a large dog and an Arctic Wolf. There may be certain laws about owning wolf hybrids that vary from place to place, so before coming into the ownership of one, you may want to check your local laws.


These Wolf Dog Hybrids possess not only a wonderful energy, but a great endurance for many of their surroundings. They are best suited for outdoor life. Apartments or small homes may leave them feeling cramped. They need wide open spaces to properly expend their high levels of energy and be happy.


The Wolf Dog hybrid is sometimes prone to hip dysplasia, so you should take precautions against that, as well as a vet check-up every once in a while. Otherwise, they don't have any particular susceptibilities to illnesses. You just need to be sure to also take care of their coat.


You can normally tell the difference between Wolf Dogs from other dogs. Their wolf-like features are most prominent in their faces. This can make it easy for most people to tell them apart. They have big strong bodies, and they have nice fluffy coats. They make for good and dependable pets.


The Wolf Dog Hybrid's coat is typically a double coat. But the texture and sometimes the tint will depend on the large breed of dog that is bred with the wolf. The color can vary from shades of white, gray, and black. Their coats are usually dense, however, either way.


The temperament of Wolf Dogs is one of a fierce loyalty more than anything else. They will feel protective of their owner at all times, even when they are not in any apparent danger. They will not do too well with smaller animals or young children as they do have a few wolfish instincts.


Training for the Wolf Dog needs to start early and continue on through their lives with constantly reminding them of what they've learned. You don't need to be too mean, but you need to make sure that they know when they've done something good, and you know when they've done something bad.