Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier


The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the "Yorkie," is a tiny and fluffy dog that is often perfect for pampering. They are not as shy as a lot of dogs are, but are still rather territorial of their owners. They are okay around other pets, though, as long as those pets can mind their manners.


Any activity that involves giving Yorkshire Terrier’s attention is an activity that they are certainly going to enjoy. They like playing games with their owner or going for walks with them and strutting around town. They enjoy being out and able to run every now and then, but they pretty much do what you do.


The teeth of Yorkshire Terriers need to be tended to, as their coats also need to be tended to. You will need to keep an eye on the fur on their head because it can sometimes grow too long and irritate the eyes. You can either clip the fur or pin it up.


The Yorkshire Terrier breed is more intelligent than their appearance may suggest. Their eyes are wide and lively, and they always seem to have a sense of awareness that doesn't let up around strangers. They will always retain a bit of suspicion around company, but will never be rude unless they feel threatened.


Yorkshire Terriers have a smooth and soft coat. The fur normally grows long and should be brushed daily. The level of shedding isn't normally too bad, as long as the fur is tended to properly. They aren't supposed to ever really shed at all, which is impressive for a dog with such long hair.


Yorkshire Terriers can often have a "princess" type personality. They don't exactly act spoiled, but they will act very expectant of you to treat them nicely and give them things. They will also expect to be left alone when they wish to be, or else they will become quite agitated.


Training can be made hard by the Yorkshire Terrier’s attitude at times. They must be treated with respect, almost as if you are asking them a favor and they are graciously granting it for you. You need to appeal to their ego to prevent them from becoming defiant and stubborn towards your requests.